Nail Technician

LCN – Gel Nail Extensions
LCN’s light cured gel is one of the highest quality, non-damaging and hypo-allergenic, resulting in beautiful natural looking nails
French Colour / Finish £35
Natural Finish £30
Infill Every 3 to 4 weeks
Natural Finish £21
French Colour / Finish £26
Reseal or ‘Tidy Up’ £13
Nail Repair £3
Diamantes (each) £0.25
LCN – Recolution (Gel Polish)
Gel polish for natural nails that dries instantly under UV light and last for 2 weeks. Can be applied to finger and toe nails
French Colour / Finish £18
Combined Treatments
Gel Polish, Hands and Feet £30
Gel Nail Extension, Colour / French Finish & Gel Polish on toe nails £45